How fast can you go?

Why check my speed ?

A broadband speed test will let you check the upload and download speeds of your broadband connection, allowing you to discover exactly how quickly your setup can retrieve and send information to and from the internet.

It’s FREE, and simple to use.

A higher download speed means that you will be able to access information faster, and pages will load more quickly. A high upload speed will allow you to do things like upload files, photos and videos more quickly.
The download speed will always be significantly quicker than the upload speed, and most people download more data than they upload.

What should I do with the results ?

Once our Broadband speed test has provided you with your results, you should know whether or not you are receiving the speed you are currently paying for.

If you believe you are not getting value for money, you might want to consider switching providers to either obtain a higher speed or a cheaper product. Switching provider is simple.

Check ‘Compare Providers’ to look at alternative providers packages/